Responsive Web Design in 2019

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Must Haves in 2019

Most of the traffic on the internet comes from those on their smartphones–majority of the population has one! So it’s so important to have a responsive web design. Not sure what that is? A Responsive Web Design is a way of designing your web pages to fit or scale to the display of the device it’s being viewed on. Why is this so important? Well, to put it simply, now you can reach more people. You can reach the modern mobile phone users as well as the traditional desktop users. Plus, Google announced a few years back that websites that are mobile friendly will rank higher than those that are not. Alright! With that said, we are in 2019 now. So here are two aspects of your website you must pay attention to.

Google announced that websites that are mobile friendly will rank higher than those that are not.


You could have the most beautiful website, but if it takes forever to load, then it’s useless, pointless, garbage. The speed of your website makes an impression on your audience. In this day and age, it’s got to be quick! No seriously, you have 3 seconds or less for your website to load. Otherwise, you’ve lost the attention of a potential customer. So do yourself a favor and make this the year you go responsive. Compress your videos and pictures so they don’t slow down your website.
We mentioned Google earlier, since they are such a huge factor in SEO. When it comes to speed, they are checking that too. So not only does it need to look gorgeous, it also needs to be quick.

Optimize for Mobile

So just 10 years ago, mobile optimization wasn’t that important. The majority of people didn’t have smartphones. However, things have changed and so should the way we design websites. So if the majority of people are searching the web on their phones and your stuck with an unresponsive website, then you’re not even reaching 50% of your demographic.
Rank higher on Google with a beautifully responsive website. On top of that, now you’re creating an improved experience for your users. It’s a Win, Win!

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