5 Web Design Trends in 2019

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Trends to Try 

1. Minimalism

This design trend is probably one of my favorites. It’s classic and truly timeless. It also helps your user get straight to what they are looking for. They don’t have to sift through pages and pages of content. The simple animations and fade-in effects allow for users to engage with your page, while it clears away what they’ve already seen. Creating an even fresher space. Less really is more!

2. There’s a Glitch

This trend is sort of a comeback. However, back then a glitch in your film or internet connection was NOT a cool thing. Now though, it can draw the viewer’s attention to a part of your website that is warped, glitchy or over exposed. This feature is eye-catching and distinct. It can really set you apart from the competition.

Create an opportunity for users to interact with your site!

3. Let’s Get Chatty

Chatbots have been around for a little while now, but they are getting more intelligent and efficient. Plus, we are getting even busier and need these chatbots to help us out.
These new chatbots can be customized to stand out and be more inviting that a lifeless robot. You could even make them into a little mascot for your page that represents your brand. Again, to make your page seem more human. (Seems like a trend here. People like people.)

4. Micro-interactions

These are cool because they create an opportunity for your user to interact with your site. It’s almost like your website’s way of being slightly human. What exactly is a micro-interaction? This is any time you take even the smallest action on an app or website and there is a response to that action. For example, when you check Facebook, that little red icon with your message count is a micro-interaction. Or when you are creating a password and there’s a little bar that says “Strength”, it lights up from red to green. Or even things like allowing users to swipe from page to page instead of tapping. These small features create a more interactive experience for your user.

5. More Videos

Videos aren’t new, but they are becoming ever more present. People prefer to watch than to read. Plus, a nice video really adds to the content on your page.
We’ve talked about Google before, and they are probably another reason why videos are growing popularity. Google now has the ability to search videos. This has caused many businesses to prioritize video production in order to keep up with the demand and to rank higher.

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