5 Reasons You Need a Website

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Is it really necessary? YES!

1. It’s expected

People nowadays want to see your online presence. Many people head straight to a website to learn about your company. Hardly anyone calls people anymore. People have become phone-shy and would prefer to find the answers themselves without speaking to someone. Give people the information they are looking for with a website.

2. Reviews are the key

The majority of people want to see what others are saying about your company. With a website, you can provide customer testimonials about your product or services. This can really help sway people in the right direction.

Control how the public perceives you!

3. You’re in control

With a website that you create, you control how the public perceives you. You give people your mission statement. You can also add links to all your social media feeds. This will help your users learn about your company and everything it stands for.

4. Save Money

You may wonder, ‘how am I saving money if I have to pay for a website?’ Well, in short, it pays for itself in the long run. (Plus, a website is a business expense, you can always write it off at the end of the year.) You are able to reach a larger demographic. Paper pamphlets and newspaper ads just don’t reach as many people in this digital age.

5. Google

We’ve stated it before, but only because it is so true. Google holds a lot of power when it comes to ranking websites. If you aren’t even online, then when someone searches for your services or products, you won’t come up. That’s 100s or even 1000s of clients you are missing out on. Don’t miss out!

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