Social Media Trends for 2019

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Trends to Keep an Eye Out For 

1. Short video clips

Since people have shorter attention spans today, it’s best to go with content that will appeal to user, but not take too much of their time. That’s why short videos that are 10 seconds or less are becoming ever more popular. Make these videos vibrant, interesting and informational. Once you’ve made your video you can post it to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or even Vimeo.

2. Chronological feeds

Twitter announced that soon the timeline will be changing. Chronological feeds are going to be making a comeback. Hopefully, Facebook and Instagram will take a lesson from Twitter and bring back the chronological feed. This will really help all businesses who have curated content specifically for their users. Now users will be able to see that gorgeous content.

Use content to encourage customers to visit your site.

3. Now you see it, now you don’t

Take advantage of content that is here today and gone tomorrow. Stories on Instagram really allow you to share a lot of content with your users. You can use these stories to encourage customers to visit your site, teach them about your business, promote your products, share discounts, or even help them get to know you as a company.

4. Ask a social media influencer

People trust those in their own communities. So instead of looking for a celebrity to endorse your product or business, reach out to a social media influencer. Plus, they won’t generally cost an arm and leg. Usually you can provide an incentive by means of free samples or some kind of commission. Just do your research carefully. Pick a few influencers that will help you in your industry. Remember, they will be your business partner, so choose wisely.

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