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Make a Plan

In order to get your business to take off, you must have a plan. What do you want to accomplish? Without a goal to reach, you will be all over the place. So set aside time to develop a plan with goals and stick to it. If you aren’t sure how to start. Here are some 5 tips to get you going.

Quality over quantity!

• Set Social Media Goals
Set some goals that are attainable–perhaps short-term goals. This will help encourage you to keep going. Be specific on what you want and make sure the goal is relevant to your company. Also, it would be nice if you can measure your success. Keep track of your conversion rate, likes, and social media interactions. All of this information will help you in the future.

• Check out the competition
Don’t copy the competition. You still want to be your own brand, but if you notice something working for the competitor, then try it out. As a company, we love to help you analyze your competition to see where you can improve or make changes.

• Audit yourself
How are you currently doing? What’s working for you and what needs to be thrown out? Are there things you could improve on? All of this will help you move forward in accomplishing goals. Not sure where to start with an audit. Hire us to help you out.

• Get inspired
So at this point, you’ve already seen what you’re doing as well as your competition. Now it’s time to get inspired. Look at other successful businesses to help you decide where you want to be as a company. Reach out to your users for some honest feedback. Remember, if you ask, follow through with what they want.

• Get Organized
Create content that you can post on a regular basis. We’ve heard in the past that 3 post a day is the number to keep in mind. However, some studies have shown that it is quality over quantity. Make your content beautiful and appealing to your audience.

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