5 Tips For Growing Your Business on Instagram

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Instagram Tips for Beginners 

1. Hashtag It!

So for those that are newbies, a hashtag is basically a folder where you can find similar pictures. For example, #motivationalquotes will have quotes that motivate. If you hashtag your photos, then more people will be able to find your content. But please remember, make them relevant. Don’t put a picture of a dog and hashtag it ‘flowers’ ‘motivationalquote’ ‘gymrat’. Make each hashtag count. You only 30 per post.

2. Work With Influencers

In 2019, anyone can be a “celebrity”. Team up with a local influencer or one that speaks to your brand. These influencers have already taken the time to build bonds with their users. They are trusted and liked. Ask them to feature your brand to their following and watch how quickly your following will grow.

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3. Tell Them What To Do

I know most people say, “I do my own thing.” “Don’t tell me what to do.” But at the same time, people actually do want to be told what to do. So help them out. Give them a direction to go. If you have a coupon on your story, mention that in your post. If you want them to visit your site, feature that in your story. If you want more comments, ask a question to engage your audience. Don’t leave your users lost.

4. Change It Up

Of course, Instagram is mainly photos. You can switch it up by adding videos, either: in your story or on your feed. Make sure you keep in mind the time limit when deciding to diversify your page with a video. If you haven’t tried adding videos, why not start now! Videos usually get twice the amount of comments and likes. This means more engagement for you and higher ranking (when it comes to Instagram’s notorious algorithm).

5. Create Contest and Giveaways

If you really want to engage your followers, excite them with free stuff. Who doesn’t like to win something? Require them to comment, share, and like with others to be entered into your giveaway. This ensures your post gets shared with many others. Just remember to give them the rules and remind the users that the contest isn’t endorsed by Instagram.

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