Important Take-Aways for SEO

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SEO Basics to Get You Started

1. Optimize Your Site for People.. Not Robots

Of course, you want to rank higher on Google. However, you must remember that your goal is also to create a great experience for your users. Something they can enjoy and that is ultimately useful for them. If you create content with this in mind, you are going to be successful.

Create a great experience for your users.

2. Social Media is Your Helper

Not sure what to focus on when setting up your SEO? Check your social media platforms. See what your users and your competitor’s users are saying. What are they enjoying? What are they complaining about? Use this insight to create useful and enjoyable content.

3. Voice Search Optimization is Rapidly Growing

This new wave of people are beginning to search by just speaking. I’m sure you’ve done it yourself, “Hey Google” “Hey Alexa” How do you optimize for this? You really have to think like your customers. Answer questions they may have before they come up. By being prepared, your answer could be the featured content that google tells your user. There’s still so much we don’t know about this part of SEO because it is still being developed. As we learn more about how this works, we will update you.

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