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(1) Do you need a fully custom website built from the ground up?

Most websites won’t need this approach. Our awesome setup and layout library can market to about 90% of all website owners in the world.

(2) Do you need some custom functionality that doesn’t currently exist in a plugin or

(3) Do you need a plugin customized to provide extended features?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then Yes, you need a web developer.

Every job is different, so let us contact you to discuss the type of development you need and all associated costs included. The consultation is free and can usually be handled over the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Hidden Fees?
Absolutely not. There are no hidden fees.
When Do Any Monthly Fees Start?
The monthly fees associated with a fully custom coded website begin once you place your order for this service online. This is the starting point for monthly fees on website development since we provision space and resources on our servers to begin developing your website. However, any monthly fees associated with a custom plugin or customization of an existing plugin begin once development has been completed and we have integrated the new plugin or functionality onto your website.
Why No 'Unlimited Revisions' for Web Development?
When you hire us for a fully custom coded website, we’ll work with you until your 100% satisfied with the design, layout and functionality. Then we’ll launch your website and provide user access to it.

However, that being said, we only offer a limited number of free revisions to the design, and layout of your fully custom coded website. There are no free revisions to the functionality (code) of your project. Prior to the beginning of any work, consultations will be held to determine the Scope of Work and Phases of the entire project. Since all work is approved prior to beginning a phase, clients are given a limited number of free revisions for all design and layout work only, and all revisions must be discussed and captured in writing. Revisions must be approved by both parties outlining the cost for such revisions. Minor revisions, such as design and layout can generally be handled within the project budget. However, since coding requires expertise, these revisions (if any) will be assessed by the project team and an estimate for these change requests will be provided to the client for approval before work begins.

Can You Integrate My CRM?
Absolutely. We have several popular CRM integrations that will be available for use on your website. Additional charges will apply to integrate the CRM of your choice.
Do You Offer Any Discounts or Promotions?
Occasionally we offer promotions on services and add-ons or free trials for specific plans. However, since this section involves fully custom coded websites, we do not currently offer any discounts or promotions on projects of this type.
Are There Any WordPress Restrictions?
Yes. There are several.
*You won’t be able to access FTP.
*You won’t have access to the Plugins or Theme Directory.
*You won’t have access to the server or server settings.

This is a benefit, since we offer a fully managed WordPress website service, and our clients are not web designers or developers. Our clients appreciate having more time to run and grow their business while we handle all the technical hassle for an amazingly low monthly fee. Should you want a unique feature or custom functionality, our pricing to you is very competitive. We will quote you for any special additional work you would require, however, there is probably already a solution that exists where we won’t have to custom code anything for you. We can simply implement this solution, or plugin for your website. Additional charges apply and you can see our list of Add-Ons to check pricing for additional services. If a service or feature you want is not listed, please contact us and we’d be happy to find a solution for you and then add this feature to our growing list of free and premium add-ons.

If you are a web designer or developer you should not use our services.

Do You Offer Any Free Add-Ons?
Absolutely. You can see a full list of our free and premium add-ons in our Add-Ons section.
Will You Secure My Website?
Absolutely we will! We offer a full range of free and premium website security features. Here’s a list of what we do to secure your site:

* Daily backups make it easy to restore your website should it be infected with Malware or be compromised in any way.
* All of our servers have a dedicated firewall that screen requests for malicious activity. In addition to this screening process, our servers have FLRM technology that segregates each website on a shared server, preventing malicious code from migrating or causing issues with another website. Your website is completely protected.
* We actively monitor suspicious requests to the server and blacklist any legitimate threats, denying access to your website and protecting your content and data.
* No one (not even ivo Web Designers) have access to your website files. Only account managers who have been pre-approved and vetted by our hiring process will have temporary access to your website files; and only when a project requires special functionality that cannot be accomplished using an existing plugin.
* We are a full management website agency. Our clients highly value this service. Therefore, we do not grant client access to perform tasks such as uploading files, installing or removing plugins or changing themes and/or core files in any way. This preserves the integrity of your own website as some plugins or poorly designed code can cause serious issues not only for your web application, but on every other website hosted on our servers. If you need anything special, you can contact our support team to help you find a solution that we will integrate for you, only after thoroughly testing it for compatibility with your website.
* All custom code that we develop for your website is thoroughly tested and independently checked for compatibility with your web application to ensure the best user experience possible.

Do I Own The Website & All The Content?
Any and all software we develop for you can, at the discretion of ivo Web Design be used or implemented on other sites as well, for both non-commercial and commercial applications. However, should you choose to migrate your website or hosting services, then 100% of all custom code will be released to you for your continued use. The custom code developed for you is 100% transferable. You can take it anywhere you’d like.

Our own proprietary plugins or custom code is non-transferable and any 3rd Party Plugins, themes, software, or framework licenses will have to be re-license should you choose to migrate your site to another hosting provider or design agency.

What's Covered In My Monthly Fees?
In addition to the functionality listed in your subscription plan, the monthly fees include all of the following:
* Web hosting on reliable, scalable and secure servers utilizing SSD storage for super fast performance.
* Access to the specific type of support your subscription guarantees you. For example, community forum, email, chat, telephone or screen sharing technical support. Support is subscription based and specific to the plan you’ve chosen. You can upgrade or downgrade plans at any time.
* Automatic updates to your wordpress installation and all plugins, themes or custom code your website runs on. This is important for security reasons.
* If your subscription includes Daily Backups, then your website will be backed up locally on our server as well as on a separate secure server. This means we’ll always have a complete copy of your latest backup available should we need to perform a restore of your website.
What If I Cancel My Subscription With You?
We’ll we’re sad to see you go, but we understand our services are not for everyone. To date, no one has left us, however, should you choose to leave our fully managed web design agency, then we’ll do the following for you:
* We’ll provide you (and only you) with the bundled copy of your website via our network shared drive. You’ll be granted 30 day access to download a copy of your website so you can forward this to your new design agency. This is a complete copy of your website and will preserve all pages, posts, media, menus, etc. A one-time $45 fee will apply to bundle your website and provide you with exclusive download access for 30 days.
* You or your new design agency will be responsible for unzipping and installing the website bundle onto your new server. You or your design agency will also be responsible for re-licensing any 3rd party plugins and any original proprietary code, software or plugins developed by ivo Web Design will not be transferred in this bundle. We do not provide support during the migration ‘out’ process nor do we provide support should your new web design agency need assistance with the installation or migration of your website. This is not an easy process, but any reputable design agency will know exactly what to do and exactly how to install your website onto it’s new server. Just make sure they can do this for you before you choose to hire them.
How Much Support Do I Get?
We offer unlimited support via the channels your subscription covers. For example, if your subscription grants your access to our Community Forum, Online Chat or Email Support, then you have unlimited questions, support tickets or chat sessions that you can access. We’re here to support you every step of the way.
What If I Want My Own Private Server?
We can definitely place your website on it’s own private server so no resources are shared with other websites. This however will require a brief consultation regarding the initial capacity your server will have and how (or when) it can be scaled. Pricing for private servers will also be discussed per your current and future needs.
Can I Upgrade My Subscriptions At Any Time?
Yes. You will be able to upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time.

That begin said – You will not be prorated any amount for your new subscription when you upgrade or downgrade plans.

Can I Hire Someone Else to Design My Website?
Yes. You are not forced to use our design services. After provisioning your website on our network of servers and providing you with access rights to design and upload content (images, videos, other media), you can hire an independent freelancer or design agency to complete your web design. Simply make a request through our support department and we will create separate login credentials for your designer(s). For your security, these credentials are only temporary and will be revoked after 30 days, unless you specify otherwise. You can have an unlimited number of designers and login credentials for your website. Contact our support department directly and specify the number of designers and the access time you’d like to grant them (ie 30 days, 60 days, etc).

That being said – all other restrictions, such as (1) no access to your web files through FTP (2) no access to the plugins or themes directory, etc. are still enforced. Since we offer fully managed services, this cannot be replaced by another agency or developer. Any special functionality or features must be requested through our support department whereby we’ll present several available options and their pricing for you to choose from.

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