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($45 per task)


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when paid annually

($33 per task)


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when paid annually

($24 per task)


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montly credits



when paid annually

($20 per task)

For a list of tasks that are covered in our Premium Support subscriptions, visit our Coverage Page

For a list of tasks that are not covered in our Premium Support subscriptions, visit our No-Coverage Page

What Have Others Asked?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Hidden Fees?
Absolutely not. There are no hidden fees.
When Do The Monthly Fees Start?

The monthly fees start when you complete your order online. Once you’ve added a Premium Support subscription to your order or existing website subscription, and placed your order, the monthly fees for Premium Support service begin at that time. 

Can I Hire Someone Else for Support?

Absolutely. Although we provide free and premium support for all of our customers with extremely competitive pricing options, we know sometimes a client may choose to use another agency or designer to provide support. You are welcomed to do so, and a separate set of login credentials will be provided to you at your request.

That being said – any restrictions limiting access to certain administrative areas, such as plugin and/or theme directories, still remain active. This means that you are welcomed to hire a designer to design your website or provide support for your project, however, we do not grant access to installing/removing plugins, themes or accessing files via FTP. We are a full manage web agency and our clients highly value this service. We have not, as of yet, had a client hire another company for design or support. 

Do You Offer Any Discounts or Promotions?

Occasionally we offer promotions on services and add-ons or free trials for specific plans. However, we have already priced our plans and add-ons at an extremely competitive price. In fact, our initial price to start your wordpress website with all the services, features, functionality and support that we offer is unmatched and you won’t find a cheaper solution to building an awesome wordpress website or online store. We don’t negotiate on our subscription plans, add-ons, support services, or project pricing. We’re proud to offer unbelievably affordable alternatives to over-priced design agencies.

Is Each Task Performed Only 1 Credit?

No. Most tasks can be performed using 1 credit, however, some tasks may require multiple credits to complete. The size and difficulty of the task will be related to the amount of credits required to perform and complete the task for you.

Do My Credits Roll Over?

No. Your credits do not roll over to the next billing cycle. Any unused credits are non-refundable and are not credited to your account. They are purchased on a ‘use-them-or-lose-them’ basis. We fully understand the costs involved with maintaining and running an online business. Therefore, we offer our clients this valuable and extremely affordable Premium Support option on a subscription basis. This means, in most cases, you will not need to hire a very expensive developer to perform these tasks for you. They will be covered within our Premium Support Documentation.

What Does Premium Support Cover?

Great question! We’re glad you asked. For a complete list of tasks that are covered under our Premium Support subscription, please refer to our Premium Support Coverage list. 

What Does Premium Support NOT Cover?

Thanks for asking! Although our Premium Support subscriptions are reliable and robust, we want customers to know exactly what is NOT covered by our Premium Support plans. For a list of Premium Support tasks that are NOT included in any subscription, please refer to our documentation here

What If I Cancel My Subscription With You?

We hope you’d stick around and enjoy the same awesome service our other clients enjoy, but we understand every business owner’s budget is different. Should you choose to cancel your Premium Support subscription, you will not experience interruptions for any other active services you are subscribed too. For example, if you choose to discontinue only your Premium Support subscription, then you may do so within your Account Dashboard at anytime. As long as any other subscriptions remain active and up-to-date, then you should not experience any interruptions in these areas. 

How Much Support Do I Get?

The Premium Support subscriptions allow you to request a wide range of tasks that will be performed for you. These tasks are based on credits which your subscription plan gives you access too. The higher your Premium Support subscription level, the lower the cost per task. For example, to complete a task covered within our Premium Support documentation, a single task for Level 1 ‘Starter’ is $45/task whereas a single task for a Level 4 ‘Premium’ is $20/task. There are substantial cost savings that are available for you. You can always upgrade or downgrade your subscription at anytime with your Account Dashboard.

Can I Upgrade My Subscriptions At Any Time?

Yes. You will be able to upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time.

That begin said – You will not be prorated any amount for your new subscription when you upgrade or downgrade plans.

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