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Social Media Tips 

1. Set Goals

It’s important to be specific in your goals. Otherwise, it can be really overwhelming when you are trying to market on Facebook. Keeping your business goals closely aligned with your social media marketing plan is essential. If you’re wanting to promote attendance to specific events, then work on setting events on Facebook. If you are wanting to increase profit for your online store, then run some campaign ads on Facebook.

2. Invest Money in Marketing

If you haven’t budgeted for advertising, now is the time to set aside some funds specifically for marketing on social media. In this day and age, most post are not seen unless you pay for visibility. However, just spending money to show your post to your current audience may not be enough. Sometimes you have to grow your followers before you start paying for your post to be seen. Even then, you’ll usually have to test out what post work for your audience.

The more you understand the data, the better you can market.

3. Learn From the Numbers

It’s best to learn how to optimize your Facebook ads based on your analytic numbers. Don’t use general rules to market on social media. These general rules like: posting first thing in the morning or posting at lunch time, don’t work for every business. Figure out what your numbers are telling you. Who is your audience and what time of the day are they on? The more you understand the data, the better you can market successfully.

4. Make a Video

Images are catchy but videos really speak volumes. With a video, you can easily tell your audience something complicated. You can explain how to use your products. However, make sure your videos aren’t too long. Video ads should be between 15 and 30 seconds. The shorter the video, the more likely your users are to watch the whole thing.

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