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Legal Stuff
This policy, herein referred to as the “Cancellation Policy” represents the Cancellation Agreement between ivo Business Solutions, herein referred to as “Company” and you, herein referred to as the “Customer” or “User” or “Visitor” or “Member” or “Client” and with respect to all sites owned and operated by Company, including but not limited to, www.ivoWebDesign.com, offer.ivoWebDesign.com, catalog.ivoWebDesign.com, dashboard.ivoWebDesign.com, and client.ivoWebDesign.com, herein referred to as the “Sites”, and if applicable, any and all fee-based subscriptions, services or purchases made therein.

By visiting, becoming a member of, purchasing any services, with or without a free trial period, purchasing a subscription, with or without a free trial period, purchasing a gift subscription or service, or subscribing to the Sites, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions, herein referred to as the “Cancellation Policy” set out herein.

Canceling a Subscription
Our Subscription Services do not come with a minimum monthly agreement. You may cancel at any time. By purchasing such Services through the Sites or Company you fully agree to maintain and pay for such Subscription services agreed to during your purchase of Services. This means that you agree to pay the reoccurring Subscription fees associated with any and all subscription Services rendered to you by Company. No refunds will be issued upon cancellation of any Subscription. No partial or prorated refunds will be issued upon cancellation of any Subscription.

Furthermore, to avoid uninterrupted services, your Subscription(s) will be automatically renewed at the beginning of your specified billing period, unless otherwise indicated by the following:

– You cancel your subscription through the member Dashboard
– You contact the Site or Company by email and request a cancellation in writing

When contacting the site or company by email for such cancellation of any Subscription(s), you agree that the notification to cancel will be processed within 10 business days of receipt of the notification to cancel.

Request to Cancel
Your request to cancel a membership, subscription, plan, user account or any other Service, shall be made in any of the following ways:
– Cancel through your member dashboard
– Contact customer support at support@ivowebdesign.com
It is your responsibility to reach out to us in any acceptable form to execute any cancellation for any Service. You agree to give Company a minimum of 10 business days to execute the cancellation of your Service(s).

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